king's birthday

The King's Birthday is a public holiday celebrated in New Zealand on the first Monday of June each year, even though King Charles III's actual birthday is on November 14th. This year, the King's Birthday public holiday falls on Monday, June 3rd, 2024. The tradition of celebrating the monarch's birthday on a different date originated in Britain, where the sovereign's actual birthday was often celebrated on a different day in the summer months when the weather was more favorable for outdoor ceremonies and parades. This practice was adopted by many Commonwealth realms, including New Zealand. On the King's Birthday in New Zealand, the King's Birthday Honours List is released, where the monarch makes appointments to various orders and honors for individuals who have provided services to the community or nation. It also marks the official opening of the ski season in New Zealand, which is famous for its spectacular ski fields and resorts. While most businesses and services remain open on the King's Birthday, it is treated as a public holiday, meaning employees who work on that day are entitled to time-and-a-half pay and an alternative day off. Some businesses may also charge a surcharge to cover the additional costs of paying employees on a public holiday. Government offices and some other services are closed for the day.
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