Pago Pago
Pago Pago
Capital of American Samoa
United States
American Samoa
Home to one of the deepest natural deepwater harbors in the South Pacific Ocean
Pago Pago is the capital and largest city of American Samoa, a U.S. territory located in the South Pacific Ocean. Here are the key details about Pago Pago:
  • It is situated on the island of Tutuila, which is the main island of American Samoa.
  • Pago Pago has one of the deepest and best-protected natural deepwater harbors in the South Pacific, sheltered by mountains. This makes it an ideal port for ships and the tuna fishing industry.
  • The Greater Pago Pago Area includes several villages strung along Pago Pago Harbor, such as Fagatogo (the downtown area), Utulei, Malaloa, Satala, and Atu'u.
  • Fagatogo is home to the legislature and many shops and hotels, while the executive offices are located in Utulei.
  • Pago Pago is a thoroughly Americanized city, with Western-style houses alongside traditional Samoan fale (houses).
  • Major industries include tuna canning, tourism, and entertainment. As of 1993, it was the world's fourth-largest tuna processor.
  • Pago Pago International Airport opened in 1964, stimulating tourist traffic to the city.
  • The city was struck by a devastating tsunami in 2009 after an undersea earthquake, causing extensive damage and pollution in the harbor.
  • Pago Pago is described as remote, lush, and tropical, with opportunities for snorkeling, hiking in the national park, and experiencing Samoan culture.
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what are the must-see historical sites in Pago Pago
Here are some of the must-see historical sites and attractions in Pago Pago, American Samoa:

National Park of American Samoa

The National Park of American Samoa is a popular destination for visitors to Pago Pago. It features hiking trails, opportunities for snorkeling, and the chance to experience Samoan culture and history.

Jean P. Haydon Museum

The Jean P. Haydon Museum is a history museum located in Pago Pago that showcases the culture and traditions of American Samoa. Visitors praise it as an amazing and beautiful way to learn about the local culture.

World War II Historic Sites

There are many historic sites in Pago Pago dating back to World War II that are popular with visitors. These include bunkers, gun emplacements, and other remnants from the war era.

Apollo Missions Landing Sites

Pago Pago also has historic sites related to the Apollo space missions, as the area was used for the landing of some Apollo spacecraft in the 1960s and 1970s.

Pago Pago Harbor

Pago Pago Harbor is one of the deepest and best-protected natural harbors in the South Pacific. The harbor area features parks, restaurants, and other attractions that provide a glimpse into the city's history and culture. So in summary, the National Park, Jean P. Haydon Museum, WWII sites, Apollo mission sites, and the historic harbor area are some of the top historical attractions to visit in Pago Pago. The city's unique blend of Samoan and American history makes it a fascinating place to explore.
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