what is active kinetic 1

Active Kinetic 1 is a new technology that can generate clean electricity from various forms of movement and motion. According to the information provided:
  • Active Kinetic 1 is a device that can harvest the energy produced by different forms of movement, such as sea waves, wind, human movement, and mechanical motion, and convert it into clean electricity.
  • The technology uses a newly invented motion energy electric generator that can generate useful amounts of electrical charge from small movements like a car journey, walking, or basic human movements.
  • Active Kinetic 1 can generate a large amount of clean electricity using these different forms of movement, and it can also conserve energy for later use.
  • The technology is capable of using new forms of renewable energy more efficiently than previously accomplished, and it can be 100% manufactured from recycled materials with no CO2 emissions.
  • Active Kinetic 1 is described as a "world game changer" that can provide billions of people with electricity and reduce the overall burden on fossil fuels.
In summary, Active Kinetic 1 is an innovative technology that can generate clean, renewable electricity from various types of motion and movement, making it a promising solution for sustainable energy production.
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