what is bionic reading?

Bionic Reading is a reading method developed by a Swiss developer named Renato Casuut. The method aims to make reading easier by guiding the eyes through artificial fixation points. The Bionic Reading software creates artificial fixation points within a text by bolding the first part of each word for the eyes to jump between, guiding the eyes across the page and letting the brain complete the rest of the word on its own. According to Renato Casutt's website, the algorithm identifies and bolds the most concise parts of words to help guide the eye over the text more quickly. The more experienced the users become, the faster and more efficiently they can read. At the time of writing, there is no evidence to suggest that Bionic Reading is any better than regular text. However, if someone finds it easier to read, there is no reason not to give it a try. The Bionic Reading reading method can be individually adapted to the needs of all readers, providing maximum customization for all users. The Bionic Reading software supports a variety of different file formats and content that is sometimes not displayed optimally. The software can be accessed online for free.
how does Bionic Reading work?
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