what is perpelexity's valuation

Based on the search results, Perplexity's valuation has increased significantly over the past few months:
  1. As of April 2024, Perplexity raised approximately $63 million in a funding round that valued the company at over $1 billion. This represented a doubling of its valuation from just three months prior.
  2. However, more recent reports indicate Perplexity is in the process of raising an even larger round of funding. According to sources, the company is close to securing at least $250 million at a valuation between $2.5 billion to $3 billion.
  3. This rapid increase in valuation follows previous funding rounds earlier in the year. In January 2024, Perplexity was valued at $540 million, which then increased to $1 billion by March 2024.
The significant jump in valuation over a short period reflects strong investor interest in Perplexity's AI-powered search technology and its potential to compete with established players like Google in the search market.
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