What percentage of the world is holding elections in 2024?

According to multiple sources, approximately 49% to 50% of the world's population will be participating in national elections across various countries in 2024. This represents about half of the global population, with elections scheduled or expected to take place in over 60 countries, including the European Union. The scale of these elections is unprecedented, with around two billion eligible voters participating in national polls across these countries. This makes 2024 a pivotal year for global democracy, as the outcomes of these elections could significantly influence international relations, economic policies, and global stability for years to come. It's important to note that while this massive electoral exercise is a testament to democratic processes worldwide, not all of these elections are guaranteed to be free and fair. Some countries are facing challenges such as restrictions on opposition candidates, voter apathy, and the threat of disinformation and manipulation. Nevertheless, this widespread participation in elections represents a crucial moment for democratic expression on a global scale.
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