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why anthropic called its LLM Claude?


Why is Anthropic's AI assistant called Claude?

Anthropic has not provided an official explanation for why they named their AI assistant Claude. However, based on the search results, some possible reasons are:
  • It's a reference to Claude Shannon, who is considered one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence and information theory. Naming their AI after him pays homage to his pioneering work.
  • They wanted a friendly, approachable name that would portray their AI as helpful and harmless. "Claude" evokes those qualities.
  • It distinguishes their AI assistant from competitors while avoiding more common AI names like "Alexa" or "Siri." Going with an uncommon name makes Claude stand out.
  • The name "Claude" became associated with Anthropic's AI early on in development, before the assistant was officially introduced. The name stuck even as the technology advanced from Claude 1.0 to Claude 2.
So in summary, while Anthropic hasn't explicitly said why they chose the name, Claude appears to be a reference that signals Anthropic's AI goals of safety and reliability. The friendly name also creates distinction from other assistants on the market.


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