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Perplexity launches Enterprise Pro

Announces $62.7M in funding and partnerships with SoftBank + Deutsche Telekom

Since announcing our Series B funding in January 2024, Perplexity has continued to grow rapidly, now serving 169 million queries per month and cementing our position as the AI-native answer engine of choice. 

Introducing Perplexity Enterprise Pro

To satisfy the growing demand for our services, we're introducing Perplexity Enterprise Pro, our first B2B offering that places security and control at the forefront. Millions already rely on our technology to make their research at work more accurate and efficient, and we're excited to bring this power to companies to meet the demand for enterprise-scale.

We’ve spent the last few months rolling out Enterprise Pro to select companies across a diverse range of industries including Stripe, Zoom, Bridgewater, Snowflake, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Universal McCann, Thrive Global, Databricks, Paytm, ElevenLabs, HP, Vercel, and Replit. It’s been incredible to witness the vast use cases across different teams and organizations – from supporting cancer researchers to giving developers quick answers to coding questions.

"Perplexity Enterprise Pro has allowed Databricks to substantially accelerate R&D, making it easier for our engineering, marketing, and sales teams to execute faster. We estimate it helps our team save 5k working hours monthly." - Ali Ghodsi, CEO of Databricks

Perplexity’s answer engine browses the internet in real time and provides complete, verifiable answers with citations, along with multimedia answers that include charts, videos, and images to provide more context. Instead of searching for an answer and having to browse through spammy websites full of affiliated links, Perplexity streamlines your employee’s workflow to help them save time. 

  • Product teams at Zoom use Perplexity’s Focus functionality for targeted search

  • HP’s salesforce taps into Perplexity for rapid, in-depth prospect research, empowering them to craft compelling pitches and expedits the sales process

  • Innovation Attorneys at Latham & Watkins are piloting Perplexity to conduct targeted research

  • Health editorial teams at Thrive Global are creating validated behavior change microsteps based on the latest peer-reviewed science with Perplexity

  • Data teams at the Cleveland Cavaliers research ticket sales trends and do partnership prospecting 

  • Strategy teams at Paytm draft market landscape insights to inform their roadmaps

  • Marketing and product teams at Amplitude use Perplexity to draft market landscape insights

With our paid offering, Perplexity Pro, we also power voice-to-text for easy prompting, unlimited file uploads to dig deeper into decks and documents, and unlimited search assisted queries to hone your questions and give you the best answer.  

With Enterprise Pro, our most robust offering yet, we add on even more functionality and features: 

  • Increased Data Privacy: Your data stays yours, period. We never train our LLMs on our enterprise customers’ data.

  • Enhanced Security: Get alerts about new file uploads to keep your documents in check.

  • User Management: Add or remove team members easily.

  • SOC2 Certification: A gold standard in security.

  • Data Retention: Your queries stay private and are deleted after 7 days.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Quick and secure access to your corporate systems.

Our product changes how people work in ways that companies can’t even imagine yet – today is just the start of our expansion into transforming business. 

Prices start at $40/month or $400/year per seat.
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Fostering Global Expansion with Additional Funding

To support our ongoing consumer adoption and enterprise growth, we've raised an additional $62.7 million, doubling our total valuation to over $1 billion and our fundraising totals to $165 million.

The new investment was led by Daniel Gross (former head of AI at Y Combinator) with participation from new investors Stanley Druckenmiller, Garry Tan (CEO of Y Combinator), Dylan Field (CEO of Figma), Brad Gerstner (Founder & CEO of Altimeter Capital), Laude Capital,  Lip-Bu Tan (former CEO of Cadence), and Jakob Uszkoreit (co-inventor of Transformers). Many of our existing investors, including Jeff Bezos, NVIDIA, Tobi Lutke, Elad Gil, Nat Friedman, Naval Ravikant, Andrej Karpathy, IVP, and NEA, also doubled down on their support.

With this funding, global expansion is a top priority. We’ve inked new partnerships with two of the world’s largest telecommunications firms — Japan’s SoftBank Corp. (TOKYO:9434) and Germany’s Deutsche Telekom — to market Perplexity's capabilities to consumer and business customers. With a combined user base of more than 335M customers across mobile and broadband, these partnerships will significantly extend Perplexity’s reach. 

Says Hiroyuki Terao, Executive Vice President, Head of Consumer Business Promotion Unit at SoftBank Corp.: “We are delighted to announce our alliance with Perplexity, leading innovators in the realm of AI-powered service. We have continuously transformed people's lives through our philosophy: ‘Information Revolution -Happiness for everyone-’ and offering Perplexity to users in Japan aligns perfectly with this philosophy.  This is merely the commencement of our journey. Through this collaboration, we aspire to embody our philosophy in the realm of generative AI.” 

Says Jon Abrahamson, Chief Product & Digital Officer at Deutsche Telekom: “We are in the midst of a technology revolution that will reshape every aspect of our lives, and we at Deutsche Telekom want to assure that its benefits stay open and accessible to everyone. For this reason, we are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Perplexity as they seek to revolutionize search and access to information.”

As global telecom leaders increasingly seek to bring AI tools to their customers, Perplexity is emerging as a partner of choice. 

Everyone can benefit from Perplexity, and with these updates, we’re making our answer engine accessible to even more users: in workplaces with Enterprise Pro, and to customers in Japan and Germany with new telecommunications partnerships. A more curious society benefits us all, and we’re excited for all the partners joining our mission to make the world smarter.