How does File Upload work?

How does File Upload work?

Upload files in plain text, code, or PDF format and Perplexity will utilize the file contents to formulate answers. For short files, the whole document will be analyzed by our language model. For longer ones, we'll extract the most pertinent segments to provide the most relevant response to your query.

Where can I upload a file? Files can be uploaded when starting a new Thread using the + File button. This allows Perplexity to access the file's contents and maintain contextual awareness when responding to follow-up questions within that Thread.

What are some use cases?

Try using file upload to summarize PDFs, explain code, or translate files. Any task where an AI can make your job easier.

What types of files can be uploaded?

Only textual files can be uploaded for now: either plain text, code, or PDFs. We are researching ways to add images and other multimodal file types.

What is the maximum file size for uploads?

Files are limited to 25 MB.

What happens to my uploaded files?

Your files stay private. **We use their content only to customize responses to your questions/tasks. They’re never accessed or shared for other purposes. We prioritize your privacy.

How many files can I upload a day?

Signed in users using the free version can upload up to 3 files a day. Perplexity Pro subscribers can upload unlimited files daily (at least 100). Pro users can fully utilize the AI for their needs by using smarter models like Claude 2 and GPT-4 to parse longer files. The file limits allow us to balance delivering the best experience for both free and paid users.

How long will files be retained?

Only 30 days; after 30 days file contents will not be accessible to follow-ups, but follow-up responses can still maintain context of previous questions and answers in that Thread.

Can files be downloaded after uploading?

No, files cannot be downloaded after uploading. A snippet of the text extracted from the file is available in the View Sources modal.

How many files can be uploaded at once?

Up to 4 files can be uploaded at once.

My file is unable to be read according to Perplexity. What do I do?

Please ensure your file is only text. You can double-check for this by attempting to select information on the document; if you can select text, it’s ready to be used by Perplexity.

If you have a document that you’d like to upload and is not text-based, you can use a free online OCR tool.

The AI is not fully reading my file; why is this?

Please rest assured that it is; if the file is too long to read, it might not be able to consider all the context unless you are using the right model (We recommend Claude 2.1 due to its extensive context capabilities).

For more information on this, visit our Technical FAQ.

How do I upload a file on the mobile app?

We currently do not have this feature on our mobile apps. However, our goal is to include all features in our app, and we are working diligently to implement this functionality.