How do I upload files?

How do I upload files?

You can upload files when starting a new thread by clicking the “+ Attach” button in the search bar. This enables Perplexity to access the file's contents and maintain contextual awareness for follow-up questions within that Thread.

Short files can be analyzed in their entirety. If you upload a long file, Perplexity will extract the most important parts to provide the most relevant response to your query.

Who benefits from the file upload feature?


Upload academic papers to extract key insights, summarize findings, and explore related topics.


Get explanations of complex topics, summarize texts, and translate study materials.


Analyze business reports, financial documents, and technical manuals to make informed decisions.


Upload code files to get explanations, debug code, and understand code snippets.


Proofread documents, get feedback on drafts, and brainstorm ideas.

What types of files can be uploaded?

You can upload textual files, including plain text, code, or PDFs, as well as images.

What is the maximum file size for uploads?

Files are limited to 25 MB

How many files can be uploaded at once?

Up to 4 files can be uploaded at once.

How many files can I upload a day?

Free version

Up to 3 files a day.

Pro subscribers

Unlimited files daily (at least 100). Pro users can leverage advanced models like Claude 3 and GPT-4 to handle longer files.

What happens to my uploaded files?

Your files stay private. We use their content only to customize responses to your questions and tasks. They’re never accessed or shared for other purposes. We prioritize your privacy.

How long will files be retained?

Files are retained for 30 days. After 30 days, the file contents will no longer be accessible for follow-ups, but follow-up responses can still maintain the context of previous questions and answers in that thread.

Can files be downloaded after uploading?

No, files cannot be downloaded after uploading. However, a snippet of the text extracted from the file is available in the “View Sources” modal.

Why can’t Perplexity read my file?

Make sure your file is text-based. You can verify this by trying to select text in the document; if you can select it, it’s ready for Perplexity.