Images & media

Images & media

Get richer answers with images & videos

What types of images & media do I get with a response?

On the right column of a response on the web, or at the bottom of the response on mobile apps, you will be able to see images & videos, depending on the type of query. Our technology automatically detects whether an image or video might be relevant to your query and adds the best possible results. These images are sourced from the web and are considered sources. If no images or videos are provided, you can always request results by clicking on the "Search Images" or "Search Videos" button.

How do I generate images with Perplexity?

Generating an image with AI technology is easy with Perplexity, offering a way to complement your search responses with visual representation. We offer a range of styles to choose from; your query will be applied to one of these styles.

This feature is only available for Perplexity Pro users and currently only available on the web browser.

You will have to wait for the response to finish generating, then on the right column next to the response you will be able to see images and an interface that contains the option to Generate Image. Click on this to begin the process of generating an image.

You will see options for some pre written styles, but if you feel like customising the image further to your liking, you can apply your own prompt and give additional instructions by clicking on the icon next to Choose a style.

Once you have clicked on this, you will have to wait for a bit and then you will see the image displayed at the top of the column. You can create up to 50 images per day. You can also select the model that you want to use to generate by going to your settings page.

Please note that there are some limitations with this feature in regards to "prompt perfecting" or to generate images using the mobile app. Please check out our collection for examples on how you can use this feature to illustrate knowledge.

Where can I find it the interface to generate an image?

You will be able to see a "Generate Image" option which you can click on, and then you will be able to choose from preset styles to generate an image.

Can I edit the generated image?

Yes, you can apply additional prompting and pick a pre-written style on top of the generated image by clicking on the icon next to Choose a style which will let you apply additional instructions on the image.

What models can I use to generate images?

You can choose from 3 models that we currently offer. You can switch back and forth from the same are as the settings to switch the model. Which can be found under the Pro section on your Settings page.

  • Playground V2.5

  • DALLE 3

  • Stable Diffusion XL

How many images can I generate per day?

The maximum number of images one can generate per day is 50.

Can I use the image generated through your service for commercial purposes?

As a user of the Service, you are granted access for your own personal, non-commercial use only. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

Why am I getting an error when trying to generate an image?

There are several reasons this might be happening:

  • Your query contains explicit or moderated content, which prevents the creation of the image you have requested.

  • Your connection might be unstable.

  • There might be a technical issue on our end. Please file a bug report through our support email (least likely to be true scenario)

Why can't I see the generate image button?

This feature is only available for Perplexity Pro users. Please consider subscribing to Perplexity Pro. You can learn more about it here.

Please finish for the entire response to finish generating in order to see the interface to generate images.