What is the Discord community for?

What is the Discord community for?

Our Discord is the Perplexity community where users gather to discuss subjects pertaining to Perplexity as well as AI. We have several channels such as prompt libraries, feedback, use cases and bug reports.

Most of our users join because they are interested in discussing how to use Perplexity, Beta Test features, talk to the Devs and Team as well as sharing their use cases and other AI Tools.

How can I contact the Perplexity team?

You can talk the Perplexity team on Discord by tagging them, please do not DM our members and be patient with them if they do no respond. Our community managers are ok.alex and danielagmz888. Anyone with the Perplexity icon is a part of the team.

We also have very friendly community volunteers that are happy to answer your questions. Please check out the FAQ's before asking questions, we have most relevant information here.

What are the Discord rules?

Treat community members with respect.

Do not engage in harassment, hateful or malicious behaviour. Maintain a positive and constructive environment. This means heckling, insulting, demanding and belittling our staff and others.

Do not spread misinformation and myths about Perplexity and LLM’s

While AI is an novel and somewhat mysterious concept and we understand it’s easy to speculate, we will not tolerate misinformation about what Perplexity’s capabilities are. If you have any questions about what Perplexity can and can’t do, reach out to one of the community volunteers, managers or team members.

Keep the content appropriate.

Inappropriate content, such as NSFW messages or media, is not allowed. Inappropriate profile pics/names will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

No spamming.

Use the channels appropriately and avoid excessive messaging. All-caps messages, repeatedly posting in a short time or making very similar posts are considered spam.

Respect Privacy.

Keep personal and sensitive information private. Please do not share or post any information about others without their consent.

No advertising.

Do not DM any members promoting your products, services, or projects. You can talk about a project you're working on in the ⁠🤝│community-projects channel, but please no other server ads and keep it consistent with the no-spamming rule.

Avoid political discussions and content.

Kindly refrain from discussing political matters in order to maintain a peaceful and respectful environment for all community members.

Keep discussions relevant.

Keep discussions productive and on topic, and be mindful of what other users in a channel might find helpful when posting. You can share your useful content and findings in the ⁠⁠💗│sharing channel.

Do not publicly repost content from others without their permission.

Do not use any content or links from this Discord server without obtaining permission from the original creator.