Perplexity Enterprise Pro

Perplexity Enterprise Pro

What is Enterprise Pro?

What is Enterprise Pro?

Enterprise Pro is our solution for organizations that need to boost their productivity, leverage Perplexity's full capabilities, and meet strict security requirements. Enterprise Pro helps your people get fast, up-to-date, and reliable answers to their most complex questions without needing to click on different links, compare answers, or endlessly search the web for information.

Enterprise Pro is our plan for organizations that offers user management capabilities, single sign-on (SSO) integration, SOC2 certification and enhanced security warnings for compliance with your policies.

What are the benefits of Enterprise Pro?

There are many. Every knowledge worker uses traditional search engines multiple times a day and pays for that service with their time and attention squandered by SEO, spam, ads, and hard-to-parse websites. Enterprise Pro does in 30 seconds what it would take a knowledge worker 30 minutes to accomplish with traditional search engines or other AI tools.

With Enterprise Pro, your employees have the power to upload files and choose how they want to interact with the information. They can summarize key takeaways, fact-check their content, or find similar sources. With Enterprise Pro, they can also switch seamlessly between AI models, tailoring their responses to their specific needs, whether they need in-depth and detailed responses or natural-sounding answers.

Finally, and because we know organizations like yours need to meet strict security requirements and prevent risky activities, we’ve also built additional features tailored to your needs:

  • Enhanced Security: Get alerts to keep your files in check.

  • User Management: Add or remove team members easily.

  • SOC2 Certification: A gold standard in security so you can rest easy.

  • Data Retention: Your queries stay private and are deleted after 7 days.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Quick and secure access to your corporate systems.

  • Increased Data Privacy: We never train our LLMs on our enterprise customers’ data.

Security and Privacy

How secure is Enterprise Pro?

Enterprise Pro is highly secure. We know you've entrusted us with valuable data, and we take its security very seriously. This is why Enterprise Pro offers multiple ways to ensure information, conversations, and files stay safe, delivering enterprise-grade security at every layer.

  • Perplexity is SOC II Type 1 Compliant and in the process of SOC II Type 2 Compliance (ETA June 2024). Our auditor is Insight Assurance, and we are leveraging the Drata platform for automated compliance verification.

  • Data is encrypted at rest in Amazon Web Services (AWS) via industry-standard encryption (AES-256) and in transit between clients, AWS, and vendors via industry-standard encryption (SSL/TLS).

Is Perplexity SOC compliant?

Yes, Perplexity is SOC II Type 1 Compliant and in the process of SOC II Type 2 Compliance (ETA June 2024). We’re working with Insight Assurance and leveraging the Drata platform for automated compliance verification.

Are Perplexity AI models developed in-house or third-party?

Enterprise Pro users can choose the AI model they want to use and switch seamlessly depending on their needs. Users looking for concise, fast, and accurate answers may use Perplexity's latest in-house models or turn to third-party models such as Claude 3 (Sonnet and Opus) for more natural-sounding answers.

Whatever model you end up using, we will never use your data to train our models and the data protection agreements we have with third-party AI model providers like OpenAI and Anthropic prevent them from training their models on your data. With Enterprise Pro, you can rest assured that your data is private and secure at all time.

Is my data used to train AI?

No. Enterprise data will never be used to train or fine-tune our AI models. In addition, our data protection agreements with third-party AI model providers like OpenAI and Anthropic also prevent training on Perplexity data. Your data stays yours, period.

Is my data secure?

Access to production data is gated on internal tools that require authentication and access control. Usage data is only collected on an aggregated and anonymized level. In addition, data retention is limited to 7 days for uploaded files.

Data is encrypted at rest in Amazon Web Services (AWS) via industry standard encryption (AES-256). Data is encrypted in transit between clients, AWS, and vendors via industry standard encryption (SSL/TLS).

Penetration testing is performed with continual retesting on the Perplexity website and application. DDOS protection is provided by Cloudflare Firewall. Red teaming is performed on AI models before each launch.

What are your ethical AI use policies and procedures?

All models hosted on Perplexity are red-teamed for safety and ethical use. In addition, unlike other tools that leave you guessing, we prioritize transparency and accuracy so you can be confident in the answers you receive. With every answer, Perplexity provides citations from the sources it consulted. Interested in verifying its sources? Simply click on the number or the source tab to access the links.

Can I use Enterprise Pro to ask questions about my internal data?

Unfortunately, you can't. Enterprise Pro is designed to search the Internet for you in real-time but doesn't have access to any data that is not publicly available. If you're looking for an answer based on internal data, you can always upload plain text, code, or PDFs and let Perplexity extract the most pertinent information to provide a relevant response to your search.

Please note that Perplexity Pro Enterprise retains all current capabilities and features of Perplexity Pro.

Creating a new organization

How do I create an organization?

From your Perplexity account’s Settings page, click on the provided link to start the organization creation process. Once the organization is set up, you will be able to invite new members.

If you need more than 250 seats or SSO integration, you will be able to fill out the form to get in touch with our support team directly.

How do I change the organization details?

Once the organization is created, you will have access to the Organization tab in your Settings page, where you can change the organization name, logo and other details.

How do I delete an organization?

You must be the admin in order to delete an organization. You can do so by going to the Enterprise settings page and scrolling to the bottom, you will then see Delete Organization and Learn More. You will then be able to confirm that you'd like to delete the organization.

Please note this action is not reversible and there must be no existing subscription to Enterprise Pro, if you have a normal Perplexity Pro account, you will be able to delete the organization successfully.

Pricing and payment

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and various other payment methods depending on your location. Please contact our support team for more information on accepted payment methods in your region.

How does the pricing work for teams?

Our default pricing is per user, per month. This means you only pay for the number of team members you have on your account. Discounts are available for larger teams and annual subscriptions.

I have a personal subscription. What happens when I join an organization?

Currently, you have to cancel your existing subscription manually. Please contact our support team if you experience any issues.

Can you pro-rate or give me a discount if i have an existing Perplexity Pro organization?

We will evaluate your needs on a case to case basis, please email for more details.

Why do I see "Please complete the payment process to use Enterprise Pro?" at the top of the page?

This means you have yet to complete checkout for yourself and your organisation's members to use Enterprise Features. If you have an existing Perplexity Pro subscription, this is unrelated to that. If you'd like to continue with your signup process, you can go to the Billing section of the Enterprise settings page and continue with your checkout.

How does billing work?

Any members that are added on your organization, will be considered seats. The final price depends on whether you chose an annual or monthly subscription, but the total will take into account all added members. If you were to add more members in the future, you will then be invoiced the difference.

User management

How can I invite a new user into the organization?

From the Organization tab in your Settings page, click the Invite button and enter the email of the user you would like to invite. They will be prompted to create a Perplexity account if they don’t have one.

How can I remove a user from the organization?

From the Organization tab in your Settings page, click the Edit button and select the user you would like to remove from the organization.

Can I transfer a seat to another user?

To do that, just remove a previous user’s email and add a new one.

Will other members have access to my previous threads or any threads I create?

Whether they were made before or after joining an organization, your threads and collections stay private unless you decide to make them shareable, in which case they can be viewed by anyone with a link.

Will there be group threads and private threads?

No, all threads are either private or shareable, in which case they can be viewed by anyone with a link.

Will I have access to what my coworkers prompt?

No, the contents of your coworkers' thread library are private to them.

What if a member of my organization already has a personal Pro subscription?

If you invite a user with a personal Pro subscription into your organization, their subscription type will change to Enterprise Pro, and they will be issued a refund for the rest of the billing period.

For additional questions, please check out the knowledge hub or reach out to or use the Intercom window to get direct chat assistance from our team as well as resources.