Prompting tips and examples

Prompting tips and examples

A prompt is where each of your conversations—or Threads—with Perplexity begins. Writing a clear and effective prompt is key to getting accurate and relevant information.

How to write a prompt

To get the best answers, make sure your prompt includes these elements:


Clearly say what you want Perplexity to do.


Give some background information to help Perplexity understand the task.


Include any specific data or text Perplexity needs to answer your query.


Use key terms that will help Perplexity focus on the most relevant details.

Output format

Explain how you want the response to be formatted.

Types of prompts

Informational prompts

When you need specific information or facts.


“What is a solar eclipse?"

Instructional prompts

When you need step-by-step instructions for completing a task.


"How can I remove a red wine stain from a white cotton shirt?"

Interactive prompts

When you want a conversational approach.


"Pretend you’re a hiring manager at a software company, and I’m interviewing for a job in quality assurance."

Best practices

Know your goal

Be clear about what you want to achieve with your prompt.

Be specific and clear

Use straightforward language to avoid any confusion.

Give context

Provide some background information to help Perplexity understand the task.

Test and refine

Try out your prompts and make adjustments to improve the results.

Common mistakes to avoid

Being vague

Make sure your instructions are clear and specific.

Overloading the prompt

Stick to one task per prompt to avoid confusion.

Ignoring context

Always provide the necessary background information.

Prompt examples

Market research

I'm a product manager and I need you to provide a summary of the latest market trends for electric bikes in the U.S. This will help me understand the current landscape and make informed decisions.

Legal compliance

I run an online store and need you to provide a list of regulations affecting e-commerce businesses in Europe. Focus on data protection, consumer rights, and tax obligations.

Essay help for students

I'm a student aiming to excel in my psychology paper and need you to provide an essay outline on the effects of social media on mental health. Focus on areas such as anxiety, depression, and self-esteem, and include key studies and statistics.

Home renovation budgeting

I'm planning a home renovation and need you to provide a detailed breakdown of costs for renovating a 3-bedroom house. Include costs for materials, labor, permits, and any additional expenses.

Car purchase

I'm looking to buy a new SUV and need you to compare the safety features and fuel efficiency of 2023 models. Include crash test ratings, advanced safety technologies, and miles per gallon (MPG) for city and highway driving.

Travel planning

I'm planning a trip to Japan and need you to create a detailed 7-day itinerary for Tokyo and Kyoto. Include must-see attractions, local dining recommendations, cultural experiences, day trips, and transportation options between the two cities. Also, suggest the best times to visit each location and any special events happening during my stay.

Healthy meal planning

I have dietary restrictions and fitness goals, so I need you to create a 7-day meal plan that is gluten-free and under 2000 calories per day. Include specific recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, with a focus on balanced nutrition, protein intake, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Also, provide a shopping list for the week.