Prompting Tips and Examples on Perplexity

Prompting Tips and Examples on Perplexity

A prompt is like asking a question or giving a command to a computer program, like Perplexity, to get it to do something for you. It's the starting point of your conversation. It’s setting the stage for what you want to know or get done.

💡 Think of it as asking a chef for a specific dish—you'll get what you ask for, so it's important to be clear and specific.

Anatomy of a Prompt

  • Example: Seamlessly blend your goal and background into an easy-to-read sentence.

  • Keywords: These guide Perplexity to better serve you.

  • Formatting: Make it visually clean for better results.

📈 Market Research

I'm a product manager and I need a summary of market trends for electric bikes in the U.S.

Keywords: Market trends, electric bikes, U.S., product manager.

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👩‍⚖️ Legal Compliance

I run an online store and need a list of regulations affecting e-commerce businesses in Europe to ensure compliance.

Keywords: Regulations, e-commerce, Europe, compliance.

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📝 Essay Help for Students

I'm a student aiming to excel in my psychology paper and need an essay outline on the effects of social media on mental health.

Keywords: Essay outline, social media, mental health, student.

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🏡 Home Renovation Budgeting

I'm planning a home renovation and need a breakdown of costs for renovating a 3-bedroom house.

Keywords: Cost breakdown, renovating, 3-bedroom house, budget.

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🚗 Car Purchase

I'm looking to buy a new SUV and need a comparison of safety features and fuel efficiency for 2023 models.

Keywords: Safety features, fuel efficiency, 2023 SUV models.

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🍴 Healthy Meal Planning

I have dietary restrictions and fitness goals, so I need a 7-day meal plan that is gluten-free and under 2000 calories.

Keywords: 7-day, meal plan, gluten-free, 2000 calories.

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