Need Support?

Need Support?

I am experiencing technical difficulties when using Perplexity, what do I do?

We occasionally have technical issues, you might not be able to see your threads, will see all sorts of altered things, or you might not be able to generate a response. These issues will usually go away within a period of 30 minutes to a few hours depending on what is causing this issue.

To ensure optimal performance for Perplexity on your web browser or mobile device, and to refresh in case there is issues with us, please follow these steps:

  1. Clear browsing data, including cookies and cached images and files

  2. Log out

  3. Restart browser and/or app

  4. Log in back to Perplexity

If you notice any issues, please wait around an hour before reaching out to [email protected]

Where can I learn more about Perplexity?

We have a wide array of resources at your disposal, to reach out Help Center, lookout for the ? at the left bottom of the screen. We have a Getting Started Guide that will help you get the basics covered.

If you are a Pro User, you have access to Intercom on your settings page. You will be able to also access a Help Center there.

How can I contact the Perplexity team?

There are multiple ways to contact our team, we are very active in the Discord and happy to answer quick questions or receive feedback, the community also likes to help out specifically if you are looking to learn how to maximize Perplexity’s features and learn more about AI.

If you need account support, billing and subscription inquiries adjustments, or need to report a bug, please contact [email protected] or create a ticket using our Intercom channel that is located in your settings page if you are a Pro subscriber.

I am having issues and I am unable to solve them through the resources provided by Perplexity, what can I do?

If you are unable to resolve issues with the resources we have provided, please write to us at [email protected]

If it’s a bug report, please include the following information on the email so we can immediately get started on debugging the issue.

Web Desktop report:
  1. Email address

  2. Web browser

  3. Description of the issue (be as detailed as possible, include steps to recreate if known)

  4. Screenshots or videos are highly appreciated by our Devs

Mobile app (iOS or Android) report:
  1. Email address

  2. Device & Version + Build (you can check for this info on the Settings page in the app)

  3. Description of the issue (be as detailed as possible, include steps to recreate if known)

  4. Screenshots or videos are highly appreciated by our Devs

Why am I unable to login using the link sent to my email account?

We recommend using a gmail or apple account to log into Perplexity, as we have seen issues with other email clients, we actively working on fixing this issue and improving the overall login experience.

If you are unable to sign in, there might be a few reasons for this. Please check this checklist to make sure nothing is obstructing a smooth login process.

  1. Check your spam folder

  2. Check that the links you are receiving are not expired ones, the newest ones can get confused with old log in links.

  3. You are opening the link on the same device you are using Perplexity in.

  4. Your email provider is not blocking any links

  5. Disable any email scanners

If you are still experiencing issues, please send us a ticket titled “Account Support: Unable to Log In” and we will help you.

I am having issues logging into the mobile app; what can I do?

If you're encountering login hurdles, here are some steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Ensure that your phone settings allow Perplexity to be launched via login links.

  2. Double-check that you're using the most recent login link. Older ones could interfere.

  3. Make sure you're opening the login link on the same device where you're using the Perplexity app.

  4. Verify your email provider isn't blocking our links.

  5. Temporarily disable any email scanning software you might have.

  6. If you are using a VPN, please disable it, as this may be preventing you from accessing our app.

For a smoother experience, consider logging in via your Google or Apple account.

How can I report incorrect or inaccurate answers?

You can report inaccurate answers by clicking on the flag icon below your answer. On the Help us improve pop up select appropriate options and click Submit. Your feedback will help us improve your search experience.

You can also report an incorrect or inaccurate answer directly to us by creating a ticket request on our support window or emailing [email protected]

I am logged into Perplexity but I can’t see my Pro status, what do I do?

Please make sure you are logged into the account associated to your Perplexity Pro subscription. You can also check for the current payment status on your Settingsthen going to Manage Subscription. If you aren’t able to see Pro Status there, chances are there is a payment issue, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

I am interested in investing, collaborating or acquiring your chrome extension or mobile app, how can I do so?

We do not take investment proposals, collaborations nor we are seeking to be bought out. Please do not contact us requesting any of these things as we will not respond to your inquiry.