What is a Thread?

What is a Thread?

A Thread is a full back-and-forth conversation with Perplexity. It includes your initial question, any follow-up queries, and all of Perplexity's responses. Threads allow for a seamless flow of search, information, and and knowledge expansion.

Managing Threads

What can I do in a Thread?

Within a Thread, you can:

  • Give the conversation a title for easy reference

  • Share the Thread with others

  • Edit your original queries

  • Ask follow-up questions to dig deeper or explore new angles

Can I edit or adjust the sources I get on a Thread?

Yes, you can edit or adjust sources on a Thread by clicking the edit query icon at the bottom of a response.

How do I edit a Thread’s name?

By default, a Thread’s title is your first question. Click on the Thread title at the top of the interface, next to “+ Collection” to edit the title.

Can I view my previous Threads?

To view your previous Threads, click “Library” on the left side menu.

Can I recover a deleted Thread?

Once a Thread is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. To prevent accidental deletions, we've added confirmation prompts.

Technical capabilities

Do Threads retain context for follow up questions?

Threads are designed to maintain context in follow-up responses. However, if you switch topics frequently within a Thread, it might need a bit of guidance to stay on track.

Can I ask questions “offline” to generate responses without sources?

Yes, you can switch to the "Writing" Focus mode.

Note: You can only make this change at the start of a new Thread.

How do I search for a Thread?

Go to your Library page and use the search bar. You can search by keywords or the title.

Can I switch my Focus selection on a Thread?

It is not possible to switch Focus within a Thread. If you want to use Focus mode, enable it at the start of a new Thread.

Can I share a Thread?

Yes, you can share a Thread. Click on the share button at the top right corner of the Thread, and select "sharable." Anyone with the link will be able to view your Thread.

Privacy and security

Are my Threads private?

Yes, your Threads are private and only for your reference by default. They only become public if you choose to share them.