What are Threads?

What are Threads?

A Thread refers to a full back-and-forth conversation with Perplexity. It contains your initial question, any follow-up questions you ask, and all of Perplexity's responses.

Within a Thread, you can:

  • Give the conversation a title for easy reference

  • Share the Thread with others

  • Edit your original queries

  • Ask additional questions to clarify or expand on a topic

Are my Threads private?

Yes. Your Threads are private and only for your reference by default. To make a thread public, click on the top right corner on the share button, and select sharable. Anyone with a link will be able to to view your thread.

Does Perplexity retain context for follow up questions in a Thread?

Perplexity is designed to maintain the the Thread’s context, aiding in accurate follow-up responses. But remember, if you switch topics frequently within a Thread, it might need a bit of guidance to stay on track.

Can I view my previous Threads?

To view your previous conversations with Perplexity, navigate to My Threads on the left side menu.

Can I ask questions "offline" or only use the model itself to generate responses with no sources?

Yes, you can switch on focus mode "Writing" for this. Make sure to do this before you initiate a thread.

How do I edit a Thread’s name?

If you're deep into a topic and the Thread gets lengthy, you can rename it. Click on the Thread and edit the area at the top-right where it says "Untitled." Otherwise, the Thread's name defaults to your first question.

I accidentally deleted a thread, what can I do?

Regrettably, once a thread is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. To prevent accidental deletions, we've implemented confirmation prompts. Please be certain before choosing to delete a thread, as we are unable to reverse this action.

How can I export a thread or a portion of a thread?

This is not possible to do at the moment. You can copy and paste the contents into the app of your choice. If you ask Perplexity or the model to create a link to download the query or some contents of it, the link will never actually work.

How do I search for a Thread?

Go to your Library page and use the search bar. You can search by keywords or the title.

Can I switch focus mode on a thread?

It is not possible to switch focus within a thread at this time.

Can I edit or adjust the sources I get on a thread?

Yes, you can edit or adjust sources on a thread by clicking on the edit query icon at the bottom of a response.

There will then be a view on the right with the sources in which you will be able to look at the details and/or delete sources. If you happen to delete a source, the query will be resent and a new response will replace the old one taking into consideration your preference.

Please note it is not possible to "add" sources of your choice.

I've uploaded an image or a file on the thread, how can I delete it?

You can delete a file or image from the thread's context by also clicking on edit query and deleting the file in question.

If you delete your file or image, the thread will be reformulated without the uploaded file in question used for context, meaning you will not be able to get a response using the file any longer. If you