What data does Perplexity collect about me?

What data does Perplexity collect about me?

To improve and personalize your experience, Perplexity collects data from your device and interactions with our site. We store personal information if you create an account, but we do not sell your data. For more details, review to our Privacy Policy.

How long does Perplexity retain my search history, AI profile data, and personal information?

We retain your personal information as long as your account is active. If you delete your account, your personal information will be removed from our servers within 30 days. To request deletion, please contact us at support@perplexity.ai.

Is my personal data shared with third parties?

Perplexity AI does not sell, trade, or share your personal information with third parties, except as outlined in our policy. We may share your information with service providers who perform services on our behalf, such as sending email communications, processing payments, or providing customer support.

Are my search queries and feedback reports considered in AI learning?

Yes, we use this data to improve the search experience for our users. If you wish to opt out, go to your profile, navigate to the AI Data Usage toggle under Settings, and turn it off to stop Perplexity from using your search data to enhance our AI models.

How can I opt out of my data being used for AI improvement?

You can switch off AI data usage in your account settings. Go to Settings, find the AI Data Usage toggle, and turn it off.

When I delete my account, is my data erased?

Yes, your data will be erased from our servers within 30 days of deleting your account. During this period, your data may still be used to help us improve Perplexity.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your Perplexity account, go to Settings, then to the Account tab, and click on Delete Account.

Can I request my data to be deleted?

Yes, you can request data deletion by emailing us at support@perplexity.ai.