What is Collections?

What is Collections?

Collections is a feature that allows you to organize your threads into sharable spaces. It gives you more control over privacy and enables easier collaboration.

What are the benefits of Collections?

  • Organize threads into groups to keep thoughts structured

  • Customize privacy settings for each Collection and Thread

  • Invite others to collaborate on Collections

How can I use Collections?

  • Organize threads by project or topic for easier search/browsing

  • Make sensitive Collections secret for more privacy

  • Invite people to contribute to Collections for brainstorming and feedback

How do Collections work?

You can create new Collections, set privacy, invite contributors, add/remove threads, associate threads to Collections, and view/contribute to shared Collections.

What are the Collection roles?

  • Owners

    • can change metadata, invite contributors, add/remove any thread, and delete their threads.

  • Contributors

    • someone who can add, edit, and ask follow-up questions within a Collection. Add up to 5 Contributors to a Collection.

How do I add a contributor?

You can add a contributor by going to a Collection view, and on the top left clicking on "Invite". Collaborate with others on your collection by inviting contributors to add their own threads! You will need the other person's email. Then, they will receive a link to their inbox with an invitation to open the Collection on their Perplexity account.

Can I do this on the mobile app?

This is not possible to do on the mobile app.

Is my data secure in Collections?

Perplexity takes privacy very seriously. You control the privacy settings on each Collection. Choose between Viewer settings of “Secret” and “Sharable”.

How do I share a Collection or Thread?

To share, click Share and toggle from "Secret" to "Sharable."

How do I get started with Collections?

Collections is available now to all Perplexity users. Log in to your account and look for the Library tab to start organizing your threads!

What’s does an AI Prompt do to a Collection?

Allows you to apply a set of directions to all threads within one collection, similar in function to what the AI Profile does. You can use this to customise AI’s tone, set a predetermined language for the response, or even set parameters for formatting. It’s up to you.

How do I create a Collection on the mobile app?

We currently do not have this feature on our mobile apps. However, our goal is to include all features in our app, and we are working diligently to implement this functionality and it should be coming very soon!