What is Pro Search?

What is Pro Search?

Pro Search is an advanced feature that goes beyond our free Quick Search option. It conducts thorough research to provide in-depth, accurate responses to your questions.

Quick search gives you fast, reliable answers. Pro Search gives you more.

Smarter interactions

Pro Search uses advanced AI models like GPT-4 Omni and Claude 3 to engage in meaningful dialogue. Going much further than traditional search engines, it actively shows you, step-by-step, how it breaks down your question and performs deep research. It links to every source it references, giving you answers you can trust.

Expect precise, relevant responses every time.

Benefits of Pro Search

It solves complex problems

Pro Search asks clarifying questions to hone in on what you’re really looking for, eliminating irrelevant information.

It summarizes

Its responses compile the best insights from a wide range of sources and links directly to them, so you don’t have to sift through endless pages to find the information you need.

It interprets code

Pro Search includes a code interpreter that allows users to execute code and obtain fast results. This feature is particularly useful for data analysis, debugging, and content generation, making it the perfect tool for developers and data scientists.

Switch between Quick Search and Pro

Need more than a quick answer? Simply click "rewrite" and choose "Pro Search” for a more comprehensive response.

Users limits

  • Free plan: Up to five Pro queries every four hours.

  • Pro subscribers: Up to 600 Pro searches per day.

Use cases

Academic research

Pro Search is the ultimate research assistant for students and academics. It digs through academic databases, runs simulations, and performs data analysis to tailor its findings, providing summarized papers and curated sources. Its the smartest way to research.

Professional research

Pro search can pinpoint case laws for attorneys, summarize trend analysis for marketers, and debug code for developers—and that’s just the start. Whatever your profession, Pro Search can help you make more informed decisions.

Code interpretation

Pro Search is a powerful tool for developers and programmers. It can debug code, run simulations, and provide detailed explanations for complex programming concepts. Whether you're tackling a tricky bug or optimizing your code, Pro Search has you covered.

Your daily briefing

Stay informed without the noise. Pro Search consolidates news from multiple angles, giving you a balanced view of current events.

Validating information

Remember, while Pro search aims to elevate your quest for knowledge, it's crucial to validate information by referencing the sources linked in your the answer.