What is Pro Search?

What is Pro Search?

You need answers, and you need them now. But sometimes, you need more than a quick search can offer. Enter Perplexity Copilot, your new digital assistant for in-depth answers.

Your Conversational Search Companion

Powered by the most powerful AI models like GPT-4 and Claude 3, Pro search is in a league of its own. Unlike basic search engines that shoot back quick answers, Pro search chats with you. It asks. It listens. It refines its search based on what you really want. The result? Spot-on answers, virtually every time.

What sets Pro search apart from a normal search?

First, it "gets" you. By asking follow-up questions, it hones in on what you're really after. No more drowning in irrelevant info. Second, it sums up the best findings for you, so no more sifting through pages of text. Third, it pulls from a universe of sources—academic papers, news, forums, you name it—to give you the full picture.

How it works

  • Start by asking a question you know will save you time and effort. That's where Pro search shines.

  • Forget about diving into an endless list of links. Pro search does the legwork by grasping the essence of your question

  • To fine-tune your search, Pro search engages you with clarifying questions. This ensures you get what you're actually after.

  • Once it gets what you’re asking, Pro search scours a vast array of sources to ensure relevance and quality.

  • What you get is a succinct answer. No fluff, all substance.

  • Want to know more? Every source is just a click or tap away for deeper exploration.

Got a quick question and want to tap into Pro search's capabilities? After you get the summarized answer, just click "rewrite" and choose "Pro search" This will rephrase your question and launch you into a robust search journey.

Users on the free plan are allowed five Pro queries every four hours, while subscribers can perform up to 600 Pro searches per day.

Use cases:

Academic Research

Students and academics, meet your ultimate research assistant. Imagine you're knee-deep in literature reviews. Don't just settle for endless scrolling. Pro search not only digs through academic databases but also asks what specifically you're looking for. The result? A tailored list of sources and even summarized papers. Say hello to more time and smarter research.

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Professional Research

Be the unsung hero of your workplace. Lawyers, why drown in legal documents when Pro search can pinpoint case laws? Marketers, imagine having trend analyses summarized and served on a platter. Developers, think of debugging in minutes, not hours. Pro search delivers the data you need to make informed, impactful business decisions.

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Your Daily Briefing

News can be noisy. Performing a Pro search cuts through the clutter. It consolidates news from multiple angles, giving you a balanced view of current events. Stay informed, not overwhelmed.

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Remember, while Pro search aims to elevate your quest for knowledge, it's crucial to always validate information and use it as a starting point, not an endpoint.