What is Focus?

What is Focus?

Focus allows Perplexity to zero in on specific sources with pinpoint accuracy and deliver more targeted results.

Benefits of Focus

  • Save valuable time.

  • Boost the relevance of your results.

  • Research more efficiently.

How do I use it?

  1. Start a new Thread.

  2. Click the Focus button.

  3. Choose your desired source from the drop-down menu.

    • All follow-up questions in this thread will zero in on your chosen domain.

Focus options


A comprehensive search across the entire internet.


Searches community discussions and opinions, giving you a streamlined experience that filters out the noise.


Targets its searches within YouTube, providing timestamps and the option to watch videos directly in-platform.


Create drafts. Brainstorm ideas. Generate code. Spark creativity.


Specialized searches within scholarly articles and academic publications.

Wolfram Alpha

Focuses on computational data and mathematical calculations.

The sharpest way to search

Experience the power of Focus.

Try it now.